Mahyar Ghalami

(B.1982)Tehran Iran


In the mid of the 90s, while studying Graphic Design in the Art School, he started learning music. He studied classical guitar, then continued by blues and jazz music. Then after, he got interested to motion pictures and started to learn the techniques of television and cinema, especially in the field of “motion design” and “special effects”. His early studies about contemporary art, notably the conceptual art began at the mid of the 90s.During 2000 and 2001,he started his professional activity as a motion designer and director of TV interlude, learning and experimenting contemporary art in new media  and focusing on video art.

Being university student and also the years after graduation he worked as an illustrator, graphic designer and art director in Iranian different publications and some media. Since 2010 he worked and experimented contemporary art as a “New Media artist”. He also did researches, participated in art events and exhibitions, composed pieces of music in these last years.